Schnitzeljagd & Kulturparcours

History To Go (Dansk)

Scavenger hunt! Take part in an historical excursion-game through the exiting central city district of Berlin.

Small Teams (4 -6 people) will be created at the beginning and receive an introduction. Each team gets a Mission to accomplish and will be equipped with a special detailed panorama-map of Berlin –Mitte and a questionnaire with directions to 10-12 known and quite unknown destinations. Additionally the teams receive royal-looking sealed envelopes with sealed multiple-choice questions with Berlin-Souvenirs inside as a little surprise factor.

Teams will look for certain sights and will be provides with slightly different routes. Once they reach the sight they will discover certain details and will be able to give proper answers (in a letter-protocol) based on the questionnaire. At the end a Mission a word can be assembled with the letters.

Apart from small give a ways / souvenirs inside the envelopes, crazy questions and crazier answers are waiting in sealed multiple-choice form, more or less related to the destinations. You just have to choose which seal to break. Only one answer is right and the right one will surprise you!

The group whom answered most of the questions right, present a keyword and broke fewer seals than the others will be appointed as the winner at the end of the competition. It’s not a time based race!

Our recommended Tour: From Potsdamer Platz to the Reichstag. Duration: 2 to 2,5 hours, walking distance 2 -3 km, different levels of difficulties.

Tours are focused on National Socialism, East-West division of Germany, modern times and a bit of the 18th and 19th century.

Meeting point and start is at the first and oldest traffic light of Germany at Potsdamer Platz (introduction and hand out of the material). The Race ends at the Brandenburg Gate or at the Reichstag (analyze and appointing the winner).

Wir verpacken Wissen, absurd und altersgerecht.